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SITRANS LT500 is the next evolution of level, flow, and pump controllers for radar transmitters – or any 2-wire 4-20 mA device. It is the first choice for radar sensor measurements at 80 GHz and features single and dual point measurements, 6 relays, and Modbus RTU, HART, PROFIBUS DP, PROFIBUS PA, PROFINET.

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  • No specialists required – Quick Start Wizards with 6 different display views and optional view information
  • Precise measurement with multiple options for liquids or solids using various technologies to meet the application needs - compatible with SITRANS LR110/120, SITRANS Probe LU240, and generic mA inputs
  • Flexible setup and ease of configuration saves time – 6 fully programmable relays rated at 5A for pump control and alarming
  • Data recording for easy analysis and potential process optimization – datalogging, parameter backup, and copy configuration on micro memory card
  • Immediate status and diagnostic data to your system ensuring improved process quality and intelligent, faster data for operations – digitalization ready  with HART, Modbus RTU, PROFIBUS DP, PROFIBUS PA or PROFINET options and over 175 diagnostics

Supplementary Components are designed to work with most types of instrumentation to provide enhanced functionality such as remote displays and remote monitoring solutions.

Don’t forget that the safest engineered level measurement solution includes switches for back-up, overfill, low level and dry run protection.


Measurements typesLevel, distance, space, volume, differential, average, head and Open Channel Flow
Measuring range
Sensor based with SITRANS LR110/LR120 and SITRANS Probe LU240

Up to three 4 to 20 mA outputs. Fieldbus option cards: Modbus RTU, HART, PROFIBUS DP, PROFIBUS PA, PROFINET

 Languages EN, DE, FR, ES, CN, RU, PT, IT, JP, SW, DU, DA, FI, PO
 Outputs 2 x mA

3 mA output with HART card

6 x relay