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Guided wave radar level measurement    

Reliable installation, little to no configuration - radar that just works.

Four models make up the series of Siemens guided wave radar – your experts for a world of applications. For measuring interface or level, Siemens guided wave radar does what you need it to do – in the easiest applications to the most demanding. Quick and easy setup with local four-button programming and menu-driven quick start wizard gets you operational in minutes, saving you time and money. Plus, the unit comes pre-configured to fit your application needs, so there’s typically no setup onsite required. 

SITRANS LG - Simple and Reliable

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Specifically designed for your hygienic and aggressive chemical application requirements. Complete with a wide range of probe materials.


Highly flexible solution for liquid level and interface applications. Extremely versatile offering solutions for storage, separation of materials or difficult ammonia applications


Ideal for measuring level in medium range solids applications including; grains, plastics, and cement


Offers configuration options for extreme conditions including high temperature and high pressure applications such as: harsh applications found in chemical, HPI and energy industries for example, LPG gas tanks, steam boilers and distillation columns

Guided wave radar

The SITRANS LG guided wave radar transmitter just works. Simple, reliable installation and little to no configuration. Extreme process conditions don’t stand a chance. Perfect for the easiest applications to the most demanding including functional safety suitable for            SIL 2/SIL3.  


Hygienic. Liquids. Solids. Slurries. Inventory. Process control. Aggressive materials.  


The possibilities are endless. With auto false echo suppression, even applications with build-up can be measured. Advanced diagnostics including trending, profiles, event logging and recordings - gives you the data you need. And, advanced echo processing with quick response gives you an accurate and reliable level or interface measurement over the full application range, so you’ll always have accurate readings even in small containers and in low dielectric constant material. With field-replaceable and adjustable probes, if your process changes, your measurement device can too.