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Modern point level technology plays a number of critical roles in your operations – either in partnership with other instrumentation or on its own. Backup alarming to material presence detection and/or point level monitoring, protection against running empty, or a cost-effective choice for material detection – Siemens' range of point level devices covers it all. Capacitance, ultrasonic, rotating and vibrating level switches are suitable for virtually all applications from bulk solids to liquids, and everything in between.

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Our comprehensive portfolio features a range of technologies that provide extremely reliable and precise point level detection. The level switches offer superior performance while reducing maintenance, downtime, and equipment replacement cost. Their robust aluminum or chemically resistive plastic enclosures last in harsh and abrasive environments, guaranteeing a long service life and low cost of ownership. With a selection of options including PROFIBUS communications, digital displays, remote or local testing, and functional safety SIL2, improved safety and integration into your plant's operations has never been easier.


Foam, liquids, bulk solids applications, and interface can all be easily monitored by our switches.


The best-in-class inverse frequency shift approach to RF capacitance technology ensures accurate, reliable, and repeatable measurement, even in dusty, turbulent, and vaporous environments or in situations with product buildup. Because even a small level change creates a large and detectable change in frequency, Siemens Pointek CLS series provides excellent resolution while consistently outperforming conventional devices.


Pointek CLS100 is the compact universal switch for constricted spaces. Pointek CLS200 is the standard universal switch with a wide range of communications and probe extensions and the Pointek CLS300 is for harsh, demanding applications with high temperatures and pressures.

Pointek CLS100
Pointek CLS200
Pointek CLS300

Rotary Paddle

One of the only paddles available with functional safety SIL2 options, SITRANS LPS200 rotary paddle switch is world-class for reliable and safe point level detection in bulk solids. Its rugged design combined with motor stop technology and rotation failure detection means that you can expect reliable and safe measurements every time. With a wide variety of paddle options available, there is a switch suitable for most applications.



Siemens non-contacting ultrasonic level switch is ideal for level detection of bulk solids, liquids and slurries in a wide variety of industries.

Pointek ULS200


Siemens vibrating level switches are perfect for detecting high, low, and demand levels in liquid or solid applications including materials with extremely low bulk density. With options for high temperatures, extreme pressures, and remote testing, these switches provide solutions for most industries.


SITRANS LVL200 is designed to measure difficult applications, providing immunity to turbulence, foam, bubbles, and external vibrations for all liquids and slurries. These switches are perfect for pump protection applications and are suitable for most aggressive and hazardous environments. In advanced ingress protection applications, they can provide a second line of defense, keeping your processes protected. SIL2 and optional remote testing via a signal conditioner or direct from the control system ensure increased safety and reliability.


SITRANS LVL100 is the compact version for non-sticky, non-hazardous liquids and slurries, and features short insertion and user friendly connection options.


SITRANS LVS100 and LVS200 are for dry powder solids. SITRANS LVS100 is designed for bulk solids with densities starting at 30 g/l (1.9 lb/ft3) and SITRANS LVS200 is for even lower densities as low as 5 g/l (0.3 lb/ft3). SITRANS LVS200 series has potted electronics and a robust design for aggressive applications including heavy external vibrations.