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SITRANS LH300      

Process Instrumentation

Pressure Transmitter 

The SITRANS LH300 pressure transmitter is a submersible sensor for hydrostatic level measurement with protective caps made of PPE, stainless steel and ETFE. The transmitter converts the level-proportional hydrostatic pressure into a standardized 4 to 20 mA signal. This versatile transmitter consists of a stainless steel housing with IP68 mechanical protection and a piezo-resistive sensor with 99.6% pure ceramic diaphragm. It is also ideal for use in drinking water systems. 

Catalog Specifications

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The SITRANS LH300 pressure transmitter measures liquid levels in tanks, containers, channels and dams. SITRANS LH300 pressure transmitters are available for various measuring ranges and with explosion protection as an option.


  • Easy installation and use due to compact design and corrosion-resistant material
  • Safe application due to vent pipe in connection cable to prevent condensate formation
  • Long service life due to protection of the measuring diaphragm against external influences by protective cap


Standard measuring set: Transmitter, cable hanger, junction box


Accuracy0.15 %
Long-term stability 0.15 % / 12 months
Measuring range

0 – 1 mH2O to 0 – 40 mH2O

Housing 316L stainless steel housing (Ø 29 mm), IP68 rated
Diaphragm 99,6 % ceramic
 Cable PE sheathing; Ø 6 mm with vent pipe
Cable Length standard 5, 10, 20, 30 or 50 m, special lengths up to 1000 m are possible
 Certificate / ApprovalsExplosion-protected version according to IEC Ex and ATEX

Range of application

The SITRANS LH300 is used in drinking water plants, desalination plants but also in shipbuilding, in water/waste water supply and in unpressurised/open tanks and wells.