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Municipal Market Strategy

Once an opportunity is identified the challenges servicing the municipal market are many

    •The project time table is always very long.

    • Coordinating the end users’ preference with their consultants.

    • Access to the engineering specifications and drawings.

    • Reviewing the specifications and providing an accurate bill of materials with the appropriate comments to the specifications.

    • Identifying the integrators and contractors bidding the project.

    • Coordinating the project with participating entities spread over multiple                territories.

    • Identifying the successful low bid contractor and his  sub-contractors.

    • Negotiating contingent purchase orders to secure a  BOM while submittals          are  generated.

    • Generating submittal materials for the contractors.

    • Negotiating terms and conditions with various entities.

    • Managing deliverables to the job site.

    • Coordinating field support, training and startup.

    Our Municipal Bidding Department team tracks and coordinates each opportunity using our CRM Process for the Municipal market. We also subscribe to third party services that give us electronic access to plans and specifications. 

    It's not unusual for us to be managing over 100 municipal opportunities simultaneously!

    The advantages our MMS have resulted in: 

    Drastically increased our closing rate.

    Manage more opportunities simultaneously. 

    Allow our outside sales team to concentrate on servicing end user and consultants and not have to be bogged down in the bidding and closing process. 

    Bottom line... more time available to sell! 

    Contact the Municipal Bidding department today for assistance with your specifications.