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Everyone knows the disappointment of going to a restaurant and being served a bad meal. To order your steak medium-rare only to have it come out well-done or to be given a salad that's swimming in dressing that was supposed to be on the side.

One of the defining characteristics of any competitive marketplace is that both consumers and business partners alike have choices. At Ponton Industries, we understand that our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers often require unique products not seen in catalogs. Our “pro-act not react” approach has been developed specifically so that we can make the right recommendations in order to satisfy our customer’s needs efficiently. After all, when time’s a factor (and when is it not?), no one doing business wants to feel as though they are paying good money to wait for a bad meal.

Why Ponton Industries?

                                                       We Provide True Quality Service

• Our products are adapted for you, (yes you!) the OEM. Again, our proactive approach means that it is our job to get in tune with how you work, not vice versa.

• We won’t ask you questions that should have been remembered the first time.           That wastes time and is annoying. It also showcases what your supplier doesn’t        know about your business.

• We will respond to you promptly. Emails and voicemails are good; however,                 utilizing the full spectrum of communication tools including video conferencing,       Skype, Facetime, GoToMeeting etc. is even better and ensures that nothing gets       lost in translation. We can always meet in person but your time is precious so              we’ve got options that are faster.

                                                       Customer Understanding                                                          

• We spend less time prospecting and more time supporting our customer’s                 growth. By focusing on appropriate model and product recommendations,                 Ponton’s OEM team develops a strategy to fit your needs and the markets you           serve.

• With this approach, we can recommend models that will save you money, lead         times and product installation/implementation time. Perhaps the standard                 product is not the best idea; other times it is. We can show you why.

                                                                           Product Knowledge

• OEM’s order volume and buying consistency dramatically increases our                       exposure  and knowledge of each product, inside and out.

•  The more knowledge we gain the better insight we have to provide the                          appropriate product support and which leads to possible product development       changes that suit YOUR needs.

                                                    Better relationships with our principals

• Ponton’s OEM team knows how to navigate through the manufacturing process       with our principals and they respect and value the opportunities we bring. So             much so that we actively sit on many of our principals’ Representative Councils.

All of these reasons are why Ponton Industries has become a preferred supplier for some of the largest manufacturers in California and Nevada. Contact the OEM division today and we'll discuss how our expertise can support your company growth.