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    Dwyer is a trusted leader in manufacturing innovative instrumentation solutions worldwide for the process automation markets.

Proudly Serving the Process Control Industry Since 1970

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Valves & Regulators



Variable Speed Drives & Motors

Weighing and Feeding

Process Protection



• Thermox 02 analyzers

• TDLAS analyzers

• QCM moisture analyzers

• DYCOR mass spectrometers

• UV/V is and NIR analyzers

• Trace gas GC's and ASOMA XRF/XRT analyzers

• Variable Area Rotameters

• Valves and Flow Controllers

Mechanical Pressure Regulators

Spare parts / Accessories

Key Instruments

• Automotive, Aerospace/Aviation, Test &     Measurement, Metrology, Manuf. &              Processing

• Exact, Precision, Gas, LoFlo, Manifold,           Sonic Nozzles, Hydrometer

• Self-Contained Pressure Regulators

• Control Valves 2 & >

• Tank Protection & Flame Protection             Valves

Kay Mac Donald • Sensiflo  

Valve Components Inc. 

• Pump, mixer, grinder, aerator                         de-ragging control systems

• Power optimizing control systems

Deragger II    • Dragger Pro

• All weather prefabricated steel Power       Distribution Centers

• Medium Voltage Metal-Clad Arc                   Resistant and Non-Arc Resistant                   switchgear (5-38kV Class Range)

• Protective Relay and Control Panels

• Solar Connection Inverter Doc (SCiD)

• Pressure transmitters and transducers

• Differential pressure indicators

• Temperature transmitters and                     indicators

• Thermowells

• Industrial thermometers

• PID Loop Controllers

• Level measurement & control

• Thermal mass flow/controllers

• Flow Meters and indicators

•Variable Area flowmeters

• Tertiary filter backwash control

• Continuous sonar sludge, sediment,           blanket, & liquid level measurement.


• Insertion Style Thermal Dispersion Flow     Switches & Meters

• Line sizes: ¼” and up

• Flow conditioning: plate, insertion                 sleeve, meter run

Vortab Flow Conditioners

Flowserve Worcester

• Ball valves, check valves, cryogenic,           control valves, etc.

• Pneumatic / Electric / Electro-Hydraulic     Actuators

• Pneumatic & Smart Positioners, all               accessories

Worcester • Vogt • Marpac/McCanna • Durco • Noble Alloy


• Process Analytical Equipment

• Refrigerated samplers

• Portable samplers

• Collection system flow monitors

• Collection system flow data services

• Area x Velocity Flow Measurement

Marsh McBirney • Sigma

• Environmental Stack Gas Monitors               (Completely Certified, Stand Alone,             Portable)

• Ambient Air Monitors EPA certified for         NOX, CO, O3, THC, SO2, and particulate

•  Process Integration Services: Eng., Fab.,     & embedded service for heavy industry


• Allows for Insitu-calibration of PIT

• Transmitter Isolation Valves!

• Two independent purge ports with               isolation ball valve.

Pepperl and Fuchs

              Medium Voltage Drives

• Ultrahigh Availability VFD for Critical          Applications

• IEEE 519-2022 Compliant

• 200HP - 110,000HP

Pepperl and Fuchs

• Intrinsically Safe / Zener Barriers, Purge      Systems

• Signal Conditioners, Fieldbus Infrastructure

• HART Interface & Remote I/O Systems

• Wireless Solutions, Exp. Protection Equip

•  Industrial HMI, Power Supplies

• Mobile computing, lights for XP areas         (Z1/D1)

MACTek • Bullet • Ecom


• Open channel primary measuring               elements

•FRP enclosures and buildings

Pepperl and Fuchs

• Process Instrumentation

• Low Voltage Drives


• Medium Voltage Soft-Starts

• Low Voltage Soft-Starts

• DriveStart – IGBT based MV Soft Starter

• DC Injection Brakes

• SCR Power Controls

• Cathodic Protection

• Temperature Protection Relays

• Motor Protection Relays


• Toxic and Combustible Gas Detection

• Flame Detector

Pepperl and Fuchs

• Electric Heat Tracing

• Steam Heat Tracing

• Heated Tube Bundle


• AC or Battery powered telemetry

• Water Distribution Monitors

• Pre-packaged SCDA


• Process analytical equipment

• Modular water quality monitoring 

• Sensor network controllers

• Orthophosphate

• Optical dissolved oxygen probes

• Optical turbidity and TSS sensors


Ponton Industries understands Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) often require unique products not seen in catalogs. Our proactive approach and dedicated OEM department allow us to provide unmatched attention and specialized recommendations to satisfy your individual needs efficiently. When precision a factor Ponton Industries is there for you.

Municipal Bidding

Ponton Industries has been servicing the municipal markets since the late 1970’s. Our significant experience in this market space has led to the development of our Municipal Market Strategy (MMS). MMS hinges on our relationships with the municipalities, their consultants and our Municipal Bidding Department. Our account representatives work very closely with the end users, as well as the consultants these users rely on to engineer their plant expansions and upgrades. This allows us to identify projects in their very early stages.

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