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Continuous Level Measurement

The continuous eyes and ears of your operations

Processes in your facility are constantly changing – so you’d better know what’s where and how much you have, at all times. The answer? Siemens continuous level measurement, featuring a full range of technologies for your exact application: ultrasonic, radar, guided wave radar, capacitance, gravimetric and hydrostatic. With intuitive setup, world-class accuracy and a global network of support. Always monitoring, always precise, always from Siemens.

Complete Level Solutions

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Radar Level Measurement

SITRANS LR radar level measurement uses non-contacting technology built for monitoring levels of both liquids and solids. 

Guided wave radar level measurement

SITRANS LG guided wave radar uses contacting technology that excels in monitoring the level of liquids and solids. 

Ultrasonic level measurement

SITRANS LU ultrasonic level measurement is a world-leading non-contacting technology for measuring the level of liquids and solids. 

Capacitance level measurement

SITRANS LC capacitance instruments are contacting level and interface devices for measuring liquids and some solids.

Hydrostratic level measurement

SITRANS P hydrostatic level technology can handle extreme conditions and is widely used in the environmental, chemical and petrochemical industries.


Siemens controllers provide basic level control to complex pumping routines for a range of technologies including 80 GHz radar, ultrasonics, and any two-wire 4-20 mA devices. Based on driving the market in ultrasonic level controllers for the past 40 years and featuring Process Intelligence echo processing, Siemens controllers are industry-leading and reliable.